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- 10/06/05

... Before going to the glacier for the summer session how about a weekend at the beach with a huge musical event and loads of prizes?

This is where it all went down…The secondo cancello in Ostia!

Sound check: the front stage and on the stage with DJ Baro and DJ Fester

Hip-Hop beach festival… three outstanding days of music, loads of people, amazing DJ's and loads of fun… All this for free!!! And not just for us guests but for everyone!!! On Thursday there was the presentation of 50 Cents new stuff and Cut Killer from France, on Friday the best Italian Hip-Hop + our party and on Saturday KRS ONE straight from New York!.

SANOBUSINESS on stage, the presentation of the Open Your Eyez video.

Bubba Ferro, Giacomo and Filippo Kratter with a few nice girls that came to our party...

The best part of the party... The Colle der Fomento, look at the crowd go wild!

...It was just about time! She's the first girl to win the board! Here's her 15 minutes of fame…

and to finish off Tommy Tagliaferri and a few friends that came with him, Bassi clinging tight on to a lovely girl and Andrea Torella a bit pissed off…